Tuesday, January 24, 2006

NASA to commercialize VASIMR

I've been researching the VASIMR engine for the past couple of weeks so that I could post a review over its progress. Today I get a Google Alert that NASA is transferring the VASIMR development to Ad Astra Rocket Company. Agreement to Commercialize Advanced NASA Rocket Concept; Former Astronaut Franklin Chang-Diaz to Lead Effort: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance

Upon closer inspection, I found that Ad Astra Rocket, Co. was incorporated by Dr. Franklin Chang-Diaz early last year specifically to commercialize the VASIMR engine and its associated technologies. A seven time shuttle astronaut and director of the Advanced Space Propulsion Laboratory at Johnson Space Center, Dr. Chang-Diaz has been working on the VASIMR engine concept since 1979. He retired from NASA in July of last year to work on VASIMR for Ad Astra Rockets.

I'm almost done looking up information for my post about the VASIMR engine. Hopefully I'll have it posted sometime in the next week.


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